Frequently Asking Questions

What is the process for creating a corporate video?
The most important detail is the creative. Once we have decided on the style of messaging, we then work with you to decide the best way to convey that message.
How long does it take to create a corporate video?
Most of the corporate videos we work on take 1 - 3 months from pre-production through to delivery.
What types of videos do you specialize in creating?
Short-form advertisements and promotional material. The majority of our work is under 2 minutes, though we generally work on one long-form project each year.
What is your pricing structure?
We adhere to industry standard and IATSE pricing guidelines. This helps
ensure that our team are compensated so that that they can continue to operate as independent freelancers
Can you help me come up with ideas for my video?
Yes absolutely. We have a number of creative directors with decades of agency experience in Vancouver that we rely on to assist with ideation.
Do you offer scriptwriting services?
Scriptwriting is a foundational aspect of much of our work and we are happy to assist with this.
Can you provide me with a storyboard or visual concept for my video?
Yes absolutely. Much of our storyboarding is done via platforms like Upwork in order to keep costs to a minimum.
How many revisions are included in your services?
As many as it takes to ensure you're happy
How will the video be delivered to me?
In general, we use Vimeo, Wipster, or Wetransfer to deliver the finals. Some clients prefer a hard drive that includes the raw footage and project files which can be arranged easily.
Do you offer video marketing services?
We don't but we have several partners we can recommend.
What types of equipment do you use for video production?
We are brand agnostic but our equipment is often the same as you will find on independent film sets.
Can you work with me to develop a distribution strategy for my video?
We can certainly assist in developing a strategy for distribution.
How will you ensure that the video meets my expectations and fits my brand?
Communication is key to ensuring that our efforts are aligned with those of your team and brand.
Can you provide references from past clients?