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Pre Production

Effective planning is essential to ensuring the smooth running of every aspect of a project. At ENTYRE, we are committed to assisting with all stages of preproduction, from ideation, storyboarding, scheduling, and location scouting to scripting and securing permits.
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At ENTYRE, we believe that production is the perfect intersection of craft and art, where technical expertise meets creative vision. Our team is passionate about being on location, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to capture stunning visuals and high-quality audio that allow for flexibility in post-production.
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Editing, color grading, sound design, and motion graphics are where the magic happens at ENTYRE. We recognize the importance of communication and efficiency in delivering a product that everyone can be proud of within the specified timeline.
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Really appreciate how you were open to collaborating with us through out the process - you all were a total dream to work with.
Mark Klausen, Sandstorm Gold
I am thrilled with the videos and so grateful for all the work that went into them.
Steve Mulligan, UBC
Thank you so much for your awesome film Premiering in July, We are so proud to present them on absolutely Canadian!
Sheila Peacock, CBC

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is the process for creating a corporate video?
The most important detail is the creative. Once we have
decided on the style of messaging, we then work with you to decide the best way to convey that message.
How long does it take to create a corporate video?
Most of the corporate videos we work on take 1 - 3 months
from pre-production through to delivery.
What types of videos do you specialize in creating?
Short-form advertisements and promotional material. The
majority of our work is under 2 minutes, though we generally work on one long-form project each year.
What is your pricing structure?
We adhere to industry standard and IATSE pricing guidelines. This helps
ensure that our team are compensated so that that they can continue to operate as independent freelancers
Can you help me come up with ideas for my video?
Yes absolutely. We have a number of creative directors
with decades of agency experience in Vancouver that we rely on to assist with ideation.