When the frost was still thick on the ground this past January, a production house from across the pond, Wazzo, came knocking on ENTYRE’s door. Their mission? To create an awe-inspiring video highlighting the ultra-marathon running founder of a revolutionary app developed on Google Play’s developer platform; Root’d.

ENTYRE was more than happy to oblige, providing Wazzo’s Director and DOP with top-of-the-line equipment, an expert crew, and logistical support to ensure the shoot went off without a hitch. We teamed up with BRIGHTSIDE rentals in Vancouver to secure the latest Alexa 35mm body and a set of vintage Zeiss Super Speeds. And with Jan Schuster of Mile End Media as their 1st AC, the team was ready to rock and roll.

But the real challenge was finding the perfect locations. With so many stunning options to choose from on Vancouver Island South, Thomas from ENTYRE turned to local running expert Neil Schuler for some guidance. Together, they scouted out the best local summits, taking into account the suns trajectory to ensure every angle was considered.






Once the locations were chosen, ENTYRE got to work securing the necessary permits from Victoria, Saanich, and BC Parks. And for the first time, they brought on local drone operators, Dan and Luke from Profile Creative, who used the Inspire 2 drone to capture even more breathtaking shots.

On the day of the shoot, the crew was up before the crack of dawn, hoping and praying for good weather. And luck was on our side, as they were greeted with a stunning sunrise as Anna drove through the woods towards Jocelyn Hill. From there, they spent the next few hours capturing some incredible footage of Anna running the misty ridge that ascends Jocelyn Hill.

As the day went on, it became clear that everything was falling into place. The crew’s “stoke” level rose higher and higher as they captured shot after shot, culminating in a cold water dip and a celebratory dinner and drinks.




It was a true testament to the power of collaboration, as a diverse group of creatives came together to create something truly magical. And if the app developed by Root’d can help Anna conquer her panic attacks with a film crew following her every move, then you can bet it’s effective.